Tuesday, 15. April 2014

Trend Micro takes integrated protection to the next level with Complete User Protection solution refresh

Trend Micro has spent the past 25 years protecting its customers from the latest threats. Over that time, those threats, and the people behind them, have changed almost beyond recognition. Businesses have never before faced attacks on such a broad array of devices and applications as they do today, so we’ve got to keep improving. That’s why Trend Micro is introducing a major update to its Complete User Protection solution, offering better protection against advanced malware and targeted attacks.

Complete User Protection is a tightly integrated solution designed to deflect threats and protect data across server, desktop and mobile endpoints and web and email gateways. It’s powered by Trend Micro’s industry-leading Smart Protection Network. This cloud-based system heightens security by rapidly gathering and disseminating intelligence, identifying threats, and ensuring each layer of defense is integrated and context aware.

The good news is that it is already regarded as one of the best platforms out there. AV Test.org ranked it number one in protection for Windows endpoints and first for Android anti-malware effectiveness. Now it’s even more usable and effective.

Making the best even better

Modern emerging threats require an ever-evolving approach to endpoint and gateway protection. Static signature-based defenses are no match for advanced targeted attacks, while customers are demanding greater visibility into their environments, improved encryption and support for a broader range of third-party computing platforms. All of this has to be done with usability in mind, to maximize the effectiveness IT teams that are under pressure.

With that in mind, Trend Micro has made the following improvements to its Complete User Protection solution:

Smarter Protection

Application control: Signature-based defenses are no match for advanced malware and targeted attacks. That’s why Trend Micro has added Endpoint Application Control , enabling IT managers to whitelist allowed applications or lock down endpoints to only run currently installed applications. It’s a useful extra layer of defense against modern threats.

Browser exploit protection: protects against attacks directed at unpatched browser vulnerabilities.

Cloud-based Secure Web Gateway: as an alternative or complement to Trend Micro’s existing on-premise Web gateway, to extend secure web gateway to mobile or remote users and devices.

Improved endpoint encryption: This includes pre-boot authentication and support for management of Windows Bitlocker and MacOS FileVault native disk encryption.

Hosted email security update: Now offers outbound protection for Microsoft Office365 deployments.

Mobile security improvements: Now provides visibility of mobile devices alongside traditional PC and Mac endpoints under Control Manager.

Simple, Flexible Management

Control Manager enhancements: Visibility is everything to organizations. That’s why we’ve updated this tool to enable in-depth management of a broader range of both cloud and on-premise end-user protection components.  Plus user-centric visibility for better investigation and threat response, including dashboard status of incidents and compliance, and visibility across PC, Mac and mobile endpoints  

Simplified all-inclusive suite packaging: Enables easy selection and ordering by customers and channel partners, providing cloud and on-premise capabilities with the ability to “mix-and-match” deployments. The new suites are priced per-user and include 24/7 support, along with streamlined deployment and activation features to reduce IT workload.

As organizations battle an explosion in device types, applications, and ways to access the corporate network, they’re also struggling with an array of siloed point products acquired over the years. Complete User Protection brings centralized ease-of-management, flexible deployment options and, most importantly, enhanced threat protection to keep malware at bay, compliance in check and systems running smoothly.

Click here to watch videos showing interconnected protection in action and to see how easy it is to manage security across cloud and on-premise.