Tuesday, 21. October 2014

Think Before you “Share” to Prevent Identity Theft

You wouldn’t broadcast your credit card information in the middle of the street, so why would you share other private information publicly on your social media page? The truth is, many people don’t realize how their privacy settings work on social profiles, and because of this many people unintentionally share personal information with the world.

There is one identity fraud victim every three seconds, and social networking makes the risk of identity theft even higher. Staying up to date on how privacy settings are changed can help you ensure that your profile is only being seen by your friends list. Regardless of how private your page may be, it is important to think twice before hitting the “share” button. Is the information you’re putting out there something that could be used against you? If so, refrain from posting it.

Trend Micro Security helps you stay safe online with a privacy scanner that makes sure your social networking accounts are secure. Use it to find and address any security gaps you might have missed and keep yourself from ending up like Mark. See what happened to him when he shared his personal information with the public.

Be informed. Watch the Trend Micro “Don’t Be That Guy” video series.

Mark didn’t heed our advice.  See what happened to him.

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