Wednesday, 18. April 2018

The Human (Resource) Role in the Journey to GDPR Compliance

Employees are at the center of dealing with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is the new European regulation that aims to strengthen and standardize the data pricy rights of European citizens. As we’ve discussed throughout this blog series, the GDPR impacts many organizations processing customer data from outside of the EU, but these new data transparency and security benchmarks also need to be adhered to for employee data.

HR departments in particular will be impacted by the GDPR, as a large amount of data processing and controlling happens within them.

HR departments need to know if there are any potential compliance gaps, and must know where they get their data, how they get it, and who uses it. As a critical part of our GDPR journey, we’ve mapped all of our employee data so that we know what data we have, how and where it’s stored, how long we are planning to keep it, and how we will protect it throughout the employee lifecycle.

At Trend Micro, protecting employee data is a part of our global commitment to data privacy. In order to comply with the GDPR, we’ve initiated new policies and procedures and also revisited key items like confidentiality agreements and consent procedures across the employee lifecycle. This includes changes to:

•  Recruitment – prospective employees now need to consent to how we will use their data from the very beginning
•  Employee contracts – employment contracts needed to be updated, including indicating how we use and store their data, and also identifying how their data will be kept
•  Partner processing agreements – all our payroll and benefits partners must meet our new standards for data privacy

Employees also play a critical role in our GDPR compliance efforts. In order help them better understand their role in ongoing compliance, we’ve developed a training program that all our employees will take. This program will not only help employees understand the GDPR, it will also illustrate how we protect their data.

Hear more from Claudia Wu, Senior Vice President, Global HR, on how the GDPR affects our employees, and what we are doing to protect their data.

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